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     BASTIDEAUX is a boutique textile house based in Newport Beach, California, specializing in artisan made textiles, screen and digital prints.

    It's founder, Camille Bastideaux, studied decorative arts and design in college, both in the U.S. and in Paris, France. After college she lived in Japan where she spent time in print studios and learned about hand block printing, dye techniques, and color. On the weekends she wandered antique kimono and textile markets, falling in love with Sarasa prints and blossoms of color. 

    Her love of color has always been a constant, her wanderlust and love of history has informed her point of view. She has spent decades in the business as an interior designer, store proprietor, and bespoke furniture designer/manufacturer. 

    Fabrics available to-the-trade for both residential and commercial applications. Custom color requests and collaborations are welcome.

    Please reach out if you would like to say hello, need a quote or have questions.